Hard Drive Stopped Spinning- How to Recover Your Data?

Published: 25th July 2008
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As the main data storage device, the hard drive is very important. The hard drive stores all of the data and information of your computer including the operating system and all of the applications. The hard drive stores all of the data such as text documents, programs, pictures, songs etc.

The data is stored on the hard drive platters which are covered on both sides with the special magnetic material. Hard drives work by writing magnetic charges on the surface of the disk platter. These platters spin at very fast speed and read/write head moves on these platters to read and write the data.

For proper functioning of the hard drive, it is required for platters to spin. The platters are stacked on the spindle and the spindle is attached to the spindle motor. The hard drive spindle motor is responsible for turning the hard drive platters, allowing the hard drive to operate.

Sometimes, you may hear some strange noises from your hard drive or may find that the operating system doesn't detct the hard drive or can't access data from it. In such cases, the hard drive may crash. When you restart the system, the same situation appears again. When the hard drive crashes sometimes you may hear the hard drive trying to spin up.

In such situations, the data stored on the hard drive can't be accessed by any means. It may be the possible reason of hard drive spindle motor to stop. Due to the stopped spindle motor, the hard drive platters can't get rotated and the data stored on them can't be accessed even the operating system and the computer can't boot up.

It is weird situation for a computer user and can create catastrophic situations if the lost data was business critical. In such circumstances, it becomes important to repair the damaged hard drive and recover data from it. In case of spindle motor, the only solution is to replace the old hard drive. The data stored on the drive can be recovered and restored on the new hard drive.

You shouldn't open a hard drive or you would mke it unusable. Hard drive recovery is brought into the Clean Rooms (cleaner than surgery rooms) and then sealed. Any dust particle inside the hard drive can destroy the surface of the hard drive platters as the platters spin at very high speed. This will not only cause the data loss, but also the physical devastation of hard drive platters.

There are no serviceable components inside hard drive for a general technician. Only the data recovery companies with high standard Clean Rooms can assure you the complete repair of the hard drive and perfect data recovery. To get your data recovered, the only thing you need to do is just select a reliable and trusted data recovery company and send your hard drive to them.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the best data recovery company in present time that you can trust upon. Stellar provides personalized data recovery service in its Class 100 Clean Rooms. The data recovery assoiates of the company know all ins and outs of the hard drive and how to tackle with specific problem.

Stellar has all the advanced tools required to ensure a complete data recovery. The damaged parts of the hard drive are either repaired or replaced in the Clean Rooms and the data recovery is done. Data recovery software can also be applied if the data is still inaccessible after repairing the hard drive.

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