Opening a vCard Crashes Microsoft Outlook

Published: 16th August 2008
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vCard is a file format ideal for electronic business cards. Generally vCards are attached to an email message, but can be transferred in other ways, such as on the Internet. A vCard can hold name and address information, photographs, phone numbers, logos, URLs and even audio clips.

The vCards file is simply a text file with specified layout of delimiters, fields and data. It is saved with .vcf file name extension. These are very useful files and most of the Outlook user use them as digital signature in their Outlook account.

But sometimes these useful little vCard files, that make it straightforward to send address and pone information to all of your friends associates, can also carry an disagreeable payload. Outlook does not stand for the Internet Request for Comment (RFC) that defines the vCard format.

When you open a vCard that holds too much information in one of the several fields, Outlook will crash. Unfortunately, this problem can harm your data and the data stored on the Outlook PST file can get damaged.

Root of the trouble

This problem generally occurs due to the a program called Msimn.exe. It is an executable file for Outlook Express. This file shares several objects with Microsoft Outlook especially for Internet related functions. The problem can severely damage the PST files of your Outlook account and can make it inaccessible.

Work around

In order to avoid this problem completely, you need to change the default file type involvement for vCard .vcf file so that they get opened in Notepad in place of Outlook. After opening vCard in Notepad, you can copy the information into your Outlook Contacts field by field.

This method is always helpful in such type of cases and fixes the issue completely. But this way out can't fix the corrupted files. The damaged PST file can't get repaired when you change the file name extension of vCard.

It is really a grave circumstance and can fall you in need to PST recovery to repair and restore your damaged PST files. PST recovery is possible through PST repair software that can do repair Outlook PST.

These software are fairly easy to use and perform absolute PST recovery via effective scanning algorithms. Using these PST repair software is not a big deal because of the interactive and intuitive user interface and rich graphic support offered by them.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is well known and award winning repair Outlook PST solution that can help you out in all of the cases of PST corruption. The software gives awesome results by doing methodical scan of the PST file and won't let you down.

You can go for the free demo version of this best ever made PST recovery software to check out its user interface, usability and efficiency. This software is capable of doing Outlook PST repair from all file versions such as Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 98.

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