Unknown Error-1439 in iPod

Published: 04th September 2008
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This can happen to any one that all of a sudden you encounter some symptoms in the form of error messages in your iPod, forcing you to think for iPod recovery options. All worked fine till the last date and today when you plugged your iPod, this is showing an error message similar to:

"An unknown error occurred (1439)"

Along with this, the error message also states that the iPod is corrupt and is needed to be restored or replugged. During this entire course, the only thing under threat is the data. As per the instructions of the error message, if you try to restore then it would not work. In addition, you can get error messages like:

"iPod could not be restored"

The problem could be the knotty iTunes or some other but not the hardware problem as you can put it into the disk mode. In this condition if you format the iPod then the system may show it filled with the data, although formatting releases the device from all the data.

You can try to update the Tunes. The newer version of iTunes may help you in this regard and probably you may not get this error message in future. But the data which has already got lost due to the former attempts of curing the problem, like formatting, might have rendered the important data out of your access.

The data in this case can be recovered by the third party applications called iPod data recovery software which make scan of the affected iPod with the use of powerful algorithms and enable iPod recovery. These software are developed by different data recovery companies to facilitate the users with the valuable iPod data recovery.

Selecting the iPod recovery software is the matter of your choice, but you should play this part with extreme caution so as not to fall in the gravest situation of permanent data loss.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery software is the most powerful, exquisite and superbly built iPod recovery tool for all the data loss complications. The software is available for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and provides you the interactive user interface to ease the users.

The software is found to be compatible with all the generations of iPod and performs iPod data recovery for all the music files, documents, graphic files, audio books and other files. The software stands as the complete iPod recovery utility.

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Carl on September 14, 2011 said:
Losing data can be annoying an time consuming to fix so this information is great and means that I do not worry if an error message comes up when I plug in my ipod.

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